What Is A Security Camera Trailer?

Security Camera Trailers

A surveillance camera trailer is a device used to monitor a specific area. In most situations, the security camera trailer serves as an extra pair of eyes in the sky. The cameras record constantly and offer a myriad of features to help the user keep track of the area under video surveillance at all hours of the day.

The surveillance trailers feature solar panels to keep the cameras charged at all times. 

Security camera trailers are most often used to monitor parking lots, highway work zones, construction sites, and special events. The units can include license plate readers, noise detectors, and motion-activated speakers. 

Equipped with three high-definition cameras with strobe lights and spotlights. The cameras also have the ability to zoom in anywhere in the lot and even properties next door.

These video surveillance trailers can be equipped to include the following:

  • 360/PTZ Camera (Infrared available)
  • Built-in Cellular Modem: Access video stream from phone or computer
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Geo-Fence / Motion Detection with automated email/text alerts
  • Solar Powered: No gas needed
  • Blue Strobe Light: active all night
  • Lockable control cabinet housing all vital components
  • Telescopic jacks to level the trailer for added stability
  • Telescopic mast extending to 10-30′
  • Integration with DOT traffic cameras, sensors, and loop detectors
  • Motion Activated Loudspeaker to scare away intruders 
  • Retrieve stored video footage remotely

Secure access is available via an app and through a secured website on any device (mobile/tablet/desktop). Cameras hold about one month’s worth of video and more storage can be arranged.

With 400w of solar and six-car batteries, these trailers will run indefinitely provided the panels are getting adequate southern sun exposure.

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