With Street Smart equipment, you are “on the road” to having safer, smarter work zones


Our Goal

At Street Smart, we want our customers have the resources they need to succeed. Safety in the work zone begins with fully understanding how to utilize, operate, and maintain your rented or purchased equipment. This page includes resources designed to help our customers become well-informed about Street Smart’s equipment and processes while answering any questions they may encounter.

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Equipment Information

Interested in certain traffic safety equipment?

Click the documents below to learn more about the information and features for your equipment of interest.

Message Boards

Portable Traffic Signals

Security Camera Trailers

Arrow Boards

Trailer Attenuators

Automated Flaggers

Portable Rumble Strips

Variable Speed Limit Trailer

Radar Speed Limit Trailer

Traffic Detection Devices

Water Barriers

Truck-Mounted Attenuators

Traffic Detection Trailers

Trailer-Mounted Solar Light Tower

Product Overview Video

Learn more about our equipment from a Street Smart Expert.
Portable Message Boards | Changeable Message Sign | Message Board (Product Overview)
Portable Traffic Signal (Product Overview) | How Do Portable Traffic Signals Work? | Rent or Buy
Traffix Scorpion Attenuator |Truck & Trailer Attenuators |Crash Trailers (Product Overview)
Automated Flagging Assistance Device (AFAD) - Street Smart Rental Product Overview | Rent or Buy
Security Camera Trailer (Product Overview) | How Do Security Camera Trailers Work?
TrafFix TMA Metro - Street Smart Product Overview
Equipment for Smart Work Zones | Vehicle Data Collection | Queue Warning System | Product Spotlight
Smart Arrow Boards | Connected Work Zones | Send Real-Time Info to Waze & Google Maps
Automated Flaggers | Cart-Style & Full-Sized Portable Traffic Signals (Product Overview)
Traffic Detection & Data Collection Sensors
Trailer Mounted Solar Light Tower - Street Smart Product Overview

Equipment Operation Videos

Watch walkthrough videos to learn how to operate and maintain Street Smart equipment.
Arrow Board Checklist | Arrow Board Set Up | Street Smart Rental
Towable Attenuator Checklist & Walkthrough | Street Smart Rental
Message Board Tutorial: Editing Message + Viewing Device Status Remotely in JamLogic

Smart Work Zone Resources

We partner with traffic safety companies and DOTs to integrate hundreds of Smart Work Zone systems across North America every year. Street Smart can help you ensure that your next work zone is your safest.

Queue Warning System

Dynamic Lane Merge System

Trucks Entering System

Emergency Pull-off Detection System

Left Turn Queue Detection Systems

Traffic Detection – Data Collection

Work Zone Camera Trailers

Smart Work Zone Article – April 2021

Roads & Bridges Lake Charles, LA Smart Work Zone Article

I-25 South Gap Project Newsletter

Roads & Bridges Colorado Smart Work Zone Article

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service my area?

With next day delivery available on any of our equipment, we’ve got your back! View our locations: StreetSmartRental.com

Are we competitors?

No, we don’t perform “boots on the ground” traffic control services. Since 1999, we’ve rented the highest-quality traffic safety equipment to traffic safety professionals, just like you.

Who insures the equipment?

When the equipment is on rent, it’s covered by your insurance. When it’s off rent, (even if it’s still in your yard), Street Smart insures it.

Can you help us with Smart/Intelligent Work Zones, Queue Warning Systems, etc.?

You bet we can! We’ve helped integrate and deploy hundreds of these systems. Contact us for a quote and we’ll help you create a winning bid.

Why rent when I can buy?

Reallocate what you have budgeted for new equipment and use it elsewhere to grow your business. Our economical (weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual) rental options ensure an immediate return on investment and eliminates the costs of ownership.

Renting vs Purchasing Traffic Safety Equipment from Street Smart Rental

Can I keep Street Smart equipment at my yard when it’s off rent?

Yes, ask us about our flexible rental/storage options.

Will equipment have Street Smart logos?

No, add your company logos to our equipment, no problem!

What equipment do you offer?

Message boards, arrow boards, portable traffic signals, truck/trailer attenuators, automated flaggers, radar speed trailers, portable rumble strips, camera trailers, end treatments, traffic data collection trailers, and more. View our equipment: StreetSmartRental.com