From minor nicks and dings to total replacement, our team has 25 years of experience to keep your truck-mounted or trailer attenuator functioning like new.
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Street Smart truck mounted attenuators can be reused after a crash in many circumstances. Replacement parts are easy to order and simple to install. Find and order the parts you need, below.

Component Details

Our Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) is a mobile crash cushion attached to the rear of a support vehicle’s frame. The TMA may be used on moving shadow trucks, stationary block vehicles, or advanced warning vehicles upstream of a moving or stationary operation. The TMA can be used on support vehicles with a minimum actual/curb weight of 15,000 lbs (6,804 kg) with no upper weight limit (infinite weight).

The TMA consists of three (3) main components:

Backup/diaphragm frames



The Strut and Cartridge are the energy attenuation components. The Strut is positioned nearest to the support vehicle and the Cartridge is positioned furthest away from the support vehicle. The Cartridge is typically the first component impacted by an errant vehicle. The Strut consists of four (4) outboard convex aluminum tubes (two on each side) forming an aluminum structural weldment. The aluminum structural weldments bolt to a structural steel diaphragm/backup frame.

Backup/diaphragm frames

Scorpion II TMA Parts Diagram (#10000M)

10000M — Bill of Materials
Replacement Cartridge, TMA, MASH Eligible, 12V/24V (Includes All Highlighted Parts)10001M1
Replacement Strut, TMA, MASH Eligible, 12V (Includes All Highlighted Parts)10002M1
Scorpion II TMA Strut & Cartridge (#10000M) 10002M 10001M


Scorpion II TMA Strut Parts Diagram (#10002M)

10002M — Bill of Materials
Strut Tension Strap Set, Universal (Includes Hardware)101181
Strut Tube Assembly, Left, MASH Scorpion II10200TL-MASH-KIT1
Support Plate, Energy Absorber102042
Backup Frame Assembly (Includes Hardware, Warning Labels, Grease Fittings)10300-KIT1
Hydraulic Bracket, Right103512
Hydraulic Bracket, Left103522
Motion Alarm, TMA, Assembly w/Wire Leads10507C1
Left Tail Light Assembly, LED, TMA Strut (Includes Housing, Bracket, 48" Cable)10508C-LED1
Right Tail Light Assembly, LED, TMA Strut (Includes Housing, Bracket, 48" Cable)10516C-LED1
Junction Box, 8 Outlet105181
Hydraulic Hose Kit, Scorpion II TL-3 TMA10600J1
Jack, Pivoting Swivel, 1,000 lb107012
Drop Jack w/Caster107252
Mounting Bracket107502
12 Volt Motor Assembly110101
Cylinder Assembly, 3" Dia × 8"11200A2
Diaphragm, Strut Rear, Scorpion II11300E1
Module D, Energy Absorbing, Scorpion II (Includes Hardware)11400D1
Hydraulic Cylinder, 2.5" Bore × 8" Stroke11617A2
Lockout Arm Assembly, Scorpion II118001
Hydraulic Cylinder, 2" Bore × 4" Stroke11812A1
Scorpion II TMA Strut (#10002M)