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Street Smart Rental offers a wide range of portable traffic detection devices for whatever your application requires. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you find the sensor that’s right for your project.



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Features & Specifications

A critical component to creating smart work zones.
Dual radars used to collect vehicle speed, volume, classification, gap, and headway
Modem / ID Radios to wirelessly communicate with message boards and more
Single radar used to collect vehicle speed information.
Presence detection sensors for general detection of movement in a specific area
Video detection sensors isolate areas for data collection counts
Connect to WAZE and other traffic information applications
Integrates with:
  • WAZE
  • Google Maps
  • DOT 511 Systems
  • Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx)
  • Other integrations possible



Identify and Deliver
Map out the right equipment for the job and deliver on project deadlines with ready resources.


Data Collection and Analysis
Quickly locate equipment and assess traffic flow anywhere with unmatched tracking capabilities.


Technology and Integration
Make collisions next to impossible with software and systems that leave no zone uncovered.


Choose between two levels of certainty with real-time eyes on the job, plus video backup.


Highly portable sensor system packaged into a standard barricade light for seamless integration into work zones for Queue Warning Systems, traffic studies, and more.

  • Integrated radar, 4G modem with GPS, lithium battery & solar regulator packaged in barricade light
  • Attaches to any battery/solar-powered traffic control device
  • Auto locates with other Speed-Mac units
  • NCHRP 350 crash tested on many traffic control devices
  • Proven radar technology for accurate speed & count

Speed-Mac VP

The Speed-Mac VP is a configuration that combines the Speed-Mac 2.0 with a large vertical solar panel. The unit can be easily set up by one person and will operate all season without the need for recharging in most applications. The Speed-Mac VP is the only autonomous NCHRP 350 tested and approved device on the market.

  • Integrated radar, 4G modem with GPS, lithium battery & solar regulator packaged in barricade light
  • Attaches to any battery/solar-powered traffic control device
  • Auto locates with other Speed-Mac units
  • NCHRP 350 crash tested on many traffic control devices
  • Proven radar technology for accurate speed & count


The ICONE is a traffic sensor integrated directly into a standard traffic barrel for seamless integration into work zones for all sensor-related applications.

  • Simple operation – drop it on the roadside and flip a switch to activate
  • Portable – deploy many iCones with one vehicle
  • Autonomous – over 2 weeks of operation on a single battery charge (battery charger included within the iCone)
  • Durable construction – waterproof, shock resistant, one moving part (the switch)
  • Universal coverage – satellite modems provide network communications on every road in North America
  • High-accuracy positioning – GPS identifies the exact lane that iCone is placed
  • Traffic speed detection – K-band radar; average speeds are transmitted to measure congestion
  • Data processing – web-based traffic reporting, monitoring and travel times (optional bin file reporting)
  • Configurable – user-defined speed average time interval, a modem-to-server communication time interval

Houston K-Band Doppler speed radars

  • Lowest power industry standard radar for speed measurement
  • Directional pick up either incoming or outgoing vehicles/objects
  • 1500 feet (457m) typical pickup range for a compact vehicle
  • Wide input voltage operating range allows solar operation
  • IP65 Weatherproof enclosure

Houston Armadillo Traffic Collector Radar

  • Bidirectional and unidirectional data collection for up to 4 lanes of traffic
  • Collect speed, volume, and vehicle class
  • A small, self-contained package that mounts easily
  • Integrated LiFePO4 rechargeable battery allows for 2+ week run time on battery power alone
  • Built-in statistics storage memory for stand-alone data gathering

Wavetronix Smart Sensor HD

Wavetronix Smart Sensor HD is a robust sensor that can provide precise data in varied weather conditions.

  • Per vehicle speeds
  • Bidirectional lane by lane vehicle detection
  • Vehicle counts
  • Average speed
  • 85th percentile speed
  • Occupancy

Houston Radar SpeedLane® Pro

  • Patented (US10317525) true dual-beam “speed trap” technology inherently provides accurate measurements without the need for in situ calibration
  • Mounts on the side of the road for non-intrusive traffic data collection and works in all weather and lighting conditions.
  • Simultaneously measures all vehicles in 16 user-defined lanes.
  • Lane-by-lane vehicle counts length based class, average, and 85th percentile speeds, occupancy, headway, and gap measurements.
  • Built-in 1.3MP HD video camera for sighting makes setup a snap and allows convenient remote monitoring of traffic.


Traffic Detection & Data Collection Sensors


Why rent when I can buy?

Reallocate what you have budgeted for new equipment and use it elsewhere to grow your business. Our economical (weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual) rental options ensure an immediate return on investment and eliminates the costs of ownership.

Can you help us with Smart/Intelligent Work Zones, Queue Warning Systems, etc.?

You bet we can! We’ve helped integrate and deploy hundreds of these systems. Contact us for a quote and we’ll help you create a winning bid.

Where is the closest Street Smart location?

With next day delivery available on any of our equipment, we’ve got your back!

How does the app help me manage and monitor the Smart Work Zone, real-time?

The app provides up-to-date information, including among other things, current and historical battery voltage, quality of communication links, video feed from traffic and workzone-facing web cameras in real-time, and historical footage from any web-enabled device. Schedule a Live Demo, and we’ll show you more about the app Dashboard.

Your ROI may be greater than you think. Fill out the form to see your true ROI.

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With a rental investment of just $ per day, you’ll need to put this to work for only days to break even, leaving you with days of pure gravy. You’ll enjoy invoicing the customer a total of $, giving you a return on rental investment of $!

*This is an estimated ROI. Delivery charges not included.



Traffic Control Companies

Reduce the stress of managing a work zone and all of its surprises

General Contractors

If you have cones and flaggers but have gaps in your Smart Work Zone needs, take on more bids and improve work zone productivity and safety

Public Sector

Meet safety and equipment requirements with custom work zone designs

Security Integrators

Tap into additional revenue in the surveillance re-rental market

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