Temporary Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems

Available for Rental or Purchase

Pedestrians can safely traverse your work zone or events using our temporary pedestrian crosswalk solutions. Use as a standalone system or in conjunction with our portable traffic signals.


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High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk HAWK

Temporary HAWK System

Ideal for construction projects or special events, the portable High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) system allows for protected pedestrian crossing, stopping vehicles in areas where no traffic signals are present. These systems are proven to reduce pedestrian crashes up to 69% according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Our temporary system is MUTCD compliant, controlled by push button actuation, can span multiple lanes of traffic, and operates exactly like a permanent HAWK system. Quick and easy to deploy and powered by our rugged solar+ battery design.

High Intensity Activated Crosswalk System

Temporary RRFB System

Pedestrian CrossingIdeal for construction projects or special events, the portable Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon (RRFB) system allows for protected pedestrian crossing. Highly-visible strobing LED lights  are proven to achieve motorist yield rates up to 98% according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Controlled by push button actuation, the system operates exactly like a permanent Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon system. Quick and easy to deploy and powered by our rugged solar+ battery design.

Cart Signal Mounted Pedestrian Crossing System

Cart/Signal Mounted Pedestrian Crossing System

Used in conjunction with portable traffic signals within intersection construction projects, this portable system allows for protected pedestrian crossing. Controlled by push button actuation or via pre-programmed signal/ped phasing. The system operates exactly like a permanent pedestrian signalized intersection. Quick and easy to deploy and powered by our rugged solar+ battery design.



Identify and Deliver
Map out the right equipment for the job and deliver on project deadlines with ready resources.


Data Collection and Analysis
Quickly locate equipment and assess traffic flow anywhere with unmatched tracking capabilities.


Technology and Integration
Make collisions next to impossible with software and systems that leave no zone uncovered.


Choose between two levels of certainty with real-time eyes on the job, plus video backup.



Traffic Control Companies

Reduce the stress of managing a work zone and all of its surprises

General Contractors

If you have cones and flaggers but have gaps in your Smart Work Zone needs, take on more bids and improve work zone productivity and safety

Public Sector

Meet safety and equipment requirements with custom work zone designs

Security Integrators

Tap into additional revenue in the surveillance re-rental market

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Temporary Pedestrian Crosswalk FAQs


What makes Street Smart signals the best on the market?

Unlike standard temporary portable traffic signals which rely on a single form of wireless communication, Street Smart uses quad-redundant wireless communication (point-to-point radio, Cellular, WiFi, and satellite) to ensure that the signals are always communicating reliably anywhere, safely and efficiently maintaining traffic in the workzone.

Can I get a video of my work zone?

Work zone facing cameras are readily available as an option for all of our signals. Images/video can be accessible in real-time during the project with recordings available upon request.

Why rent when I can buy?

Reallocate what you have budgeted for new equipment and use it elsewhere to grow your business. Our economical (weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual) rental options ensure an immediate return on investment and eliminates the costs of ownership.

Can you help us with Smart/Intelligent Work Zones, Queue Warning Systems, etc.?

You bet we can! We’ve helped integrate and deploy hundreds of these systems. Contact us for a quote and we’ll help you create a winning bid.

Where is the closest Street Smart location?

With next day delivery available on any of our equipment, we’ve got your back!

How does the app help me manage and monitor the Smart Work Zone, real-time?

The app provides up-to-date information, including among other things, current and historical battery voltage, quality of communication links, video feed from traffic and workzone-facing web cameras in real-time, and historical footage from any web-enabled device. Schedule a Live Demo, and we’ll show you more about the app Dashboard.

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