Automated Flaggers

Available for Rental or Purchase

Trailer Mounted with Zero long-term lease commitments.

Combat Distracted Driving and the Skilled Labor Shortage plaguing the construction industry, both at the same time!

AFADS are designed for daily, short-term lane closures. Instantly deploy a large, commanding presence on the roadway to efficiently manage traffic. Plus, they will not call in sick, or need overtime pay!



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Portable Traffic Signals for Every Application

Available for Rent or Purchase – Smart Work Zone solutions make it possible to move your team out of harm’s way as they monitor and operate the devices from a safer location at the job site.


Which work zone looks safer for your employees?

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Portable Traffic Signals are safer

features & Specifications

Hear more about how an Automated Flagging Assistance Device (AFAD) can keep traffic control personnel safe.
One operator can control two devices while staying out of harms way
Easy to tow two lightweight units behind one pickup truck and quick set up
Nationwide rental with 24/7 service
Increased Visibility:
  • A commanding presence on the roadway. Gate-arm spanning eight feet + overall height of nearly 13’
  • Tow two units at the same time. Set up takes less than 12 minutes
  • Manual operation via wireless remote. One operator controls multiple units
Integrates with:
  • WAZE
  • Google Maps
  • DOT 511 Systems
  • Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx)
  • Other integrations possible
portable traffic signal
4 Flaggers out of harms way

Two lane coverage for bridge and simple intersection projects


The Full-Size Signal provides safe and efficient temporary traffic control in a wide variety of short and long-term applications, including complex intersections to simple lane closures.

Features & Integrations

Full-Size Signals come standard with dual-traffic and work-zone-facing web cameras, redundant video and radar vehicle detection, and Street Smart’s app. These standard features make real-time video, programming, monitoring, and control of the signal system easy.


  • 180◦ Adjustable ITE Polycarbonate Signal Heads
  • 12” Diameter LED’s with Work Zone Safety Lights
  • 17’ 6” – 19’ 0” Top Signal Clearance, 8’ Bottom Signal Clearance
  • Extendable Mast Arm
  • 300 W Adjustable Solar Array
  • 4 – 4D 12V with 700 amp/hr Battery System
  • 21-day Autonomy Depending on Configuration
  • Electric Deployment Actuator with Limit Switch
  • 4 Leveling and Stabilizing Outriggers
  • 2,500 lb. +/- Trailer Weight, 84” W x 96” L Footprint
  • 2” Ball and Tandem Tow-able, 18’-2” Tandem Length

Span three lanes of traffic while managing left turns and pedestrian crossings with our Truss Signal


Replacing the need for traditional span wire, our three lane Truss Signals can be moved along with the progress of any complex intersections or phasing. Built to withstand any conditions, it’s a great choice for long duration projects or when the permanent ITS equipment is not available.

Features & Integrations

  • Comes standard with dual-traffic and work-zone-facing web cameras, redundant video and radar vehicle detection, and Street Smart’s app. These standard features make real-time video, programming, monitoring, and control of the signal system easy.
  • Utilize our app to view signal status, traffic conditions, and immediately get support from our central monitoring team


  • Up to 5 ITE Polycarbonate Signal Heads
  • 12” Diameter LED’s with Work Zone Safety Lights
  • Easy Deployment without Impacting Traffic
  • 300 W Adjustable Solar Array
  • 12v w/1000 amp/hr Battery System
  • 21-day Autonomy Depending on Configuration
  • Skid Mount with 8’ x 10’ Footprint
  • 17’ – 24’ Height Clearance
  • 24′ to 32’ Horizontal Extension
  • 90 MPH wind-load rating
Temporary Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems

Temporary Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems


Pedestrians can safely traverse your work zone or events using our temporary pedestrian crosswalk solutions. Use as a standalone system or in conjunction with our portable traffic signals.

Features & Integrations

  • For more information on features and integrations, please click here.


    System specifications vary based on the type of solution used. Please call (888) 653-6800 for specs and to discuss the system best suited for your project.
Portable Traffic Signals

Driveway Assistance Device (DAD)


The DAD has a small footprint and is used to control intersections involving low-traffic side-roads or driveways. It’s proprietary Tumble Timing™ ​technology prevents motorists from driving the wrong way in a work zone.


The DAD is bottom-heavy for stability and has a small footprint compared to a full-size Portable Traffic Signal.

The tumble-timing feature minimizes the wait time for motorists as they safely cross or enter the work zone.

It uses quad-redundant communications, ensuring reliable connectivity suitable for use in long work zones spanning more than a mile.

The DAD incorporates on-board batteries and solar panels, enabling it to run for weeks and often months without charging.


  • Adjustable 5’ to 8’ Minimum Clearance
  • 4, Six-Volt Deep Cell Battery System
  • 21-Day Autonomy Based on Configuration
  • 100-Watt Adjustable Solar Array
  • 110 volt On-Board Charging System for Re-Charging
  • Optional Pedestal Cart for Easy Moving
  • Integrates with all Street Smart Products
  • Pedestrian Crossing Signal and Push Button Option
  • Driveway Assistance Device Option
Automated Flagger
Portable Traffic Signals

Automated Flaggers (AFAD)


The AFAD is a key component to a safer work zone, taking over the risky job along the roadway and enabling flaggers to monitor the work zone as they stand in a safer place out of harm’s way.


The AFAD is easy to tow and set up.

Mini message boards inform motorists of wait times and other pertinent job information, and the breakaway gate arms add extra stopping power to 12-inch LED lights, which sit nearly 10 feet off the ground when the AFAD is deployed.

It uses quad-redundant communications, ensuring reliable connectivity suitable for use in long work zones spanning more than a mile.

Use the app to set the AFAD to pilot-car mode or manual mode and control traffic from a safe location away from the roadside.


  • 12” Diameter LEDs w/ Work Zone Safety Light
  • Adjustable 105” to 147” Operating Height
  • Adjustable 66” to 107” Retroreflective Gate Arm
  • 18”x28” Full Matrix Real-Time Message Sign
  • 24”x36” R10-6 Regulatory Sign
  • 12v w/ 400 Ahr AGM Battery System + 115 VAC Charger
  • 14 Day Solar Autonomy based on Configuration
  • 100W Photovoltaic Solar Array + Onboard Charge Controller
  • Zero-Gravity Signal Head & Sign Lift Mechanism
  • One Person, Simple Deployment & Moves
  • 4 Leveling and Stabilizing Outriggers
  • 800 lb. +/- Weight, Narrow 54”W x 98”L x 105” H
  • 2” Ball + 3-point Connection for Safe Tandem Towing
  • 24/7 Live Remote Monitoring via Mobile App
  • Redundant Communication, Cameras, & Detection Systems
  • Optional 125 dB Intrusion/Warning Horn Alarm
Portable Traffic Signals

Cart-Style Signals


The Cart-Style Signal works well for efficient temporary traffic and pedestrian control within a busy intersection.

Features & Integrations

The Cart-Style Signal is easy to maneuver and set up. This signal integrates with accessories like the driveway management signal, pedestrian signal & push button, stop bar illuminator, advanced cameras, and work zone flashers.


  • ITE Polycarbonate Signal Heads with 12” Diameter LED’s.
  • Adjustable 5’ to 8’ Minimum Clearance
  • 4 – 6V Deep Cell Battery System
  • 21-day Autonomy Depending on Configuration
  • 100 W Adjustable Solar Array
  • Optional Pedestal Cart for Easy Moving
  • Integrates with all Street Smart Devices and Solutions
  • Optional Accessories
    • Driveway Management Signal
    • Pedestrian Signal & Button
    • Advanced Flasher
    • Bicycle Clearance Time Extender
    • Stop Bar Illuminator



Identify and Deliver
Map out the right equipment for the job and deliver on project deadlines with ready resources.


Data Collection and Analysis
Quickly locate equipment and assess traffic flow anywhere with unmatched tracking capabilities.


Technology and Integration
Make collisions next to impossible with software and systems that leave no zone uncovered.


Choose between two levels of certainty with real-time eyes on the job, plus video backup.

Similar Product

Our smaller, cart-style portable traffic signal systems are best for fast, efficient deployment without sacrificing quality or versatility. The operating system is software-based and conforms to NEMA standards. The smaller cart system is ideal for daily or short-term traffic control applications and provides increased work-zone safety while maximizing traffic flow.


Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM)

The ARM system sends text messages and email alerts, reporting signal status and operation. Battery voltage, signal location, and fault status report in real-time or on-demand from our dedicated monitoring website.

Transport Trailer

It provides convenient storage and portability for an entire set of SQ2 signals. The expanded storage means you can also store solar panels, outriggers, and other work zone gear along with your signal system.

Solar & Outrigger Package

The addition of a 130-watt solar panel significantly increases the battery life of your SQ2 signal, while the outriggers allow for added cart stability on uneven surfaces.

Ramp Meter Signal

The Temporary Ramp Meter signal provides a quick, reliable solution to highway congestion. The system can be quickly deployed at any highway on-ramp to regulate the flow of traffic onto the highway and ease overall congestion.

Cabled Remote

Easily place a call for green at either end of the work zone, or rest both signals of a 2-phase operation in red. Programmed red clearance intervals are always inserted between green indications, preventing the possibility of conflict.

Wireless Remote

With up to a 1/2 mile range, the wireless remote is the most convenient method of manual signal control. The built-in vibration function works as a confirmation of each button press, and the signals switch back to automatic mode with just one tap.

Pilot Car

The Pilot Car (Flagger) module allows a pilot car driver to control a Horizon Signal System remotely via a handheld transmitter for simple, all-day operation.

Driver Assistance Device

Alerts motorists in residential driveways as to the direction of traffic flow in a one-lane bi-directional work zone. It helps to reduce the likelihood of wrong-way driving in work zones.

Portable Traffic Signals

Signal Flaggers vs. Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Both devices have unique capabilities. Contact us to learn what type is right for your project!

Both systems remove traditional “flaggers” from the roadway, creating a safer work environment and decreasing likelihood of injury or death


A traditional Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFAD) system requires an operator to present during use


Signal flaggers can handle single lane closures or can be combined with other signal systems to intersections, driveways, side roads, etc..


Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFAD) are most often used in single-lane closures


Both the Automated Flagger and AFAD meet the required crash-worthiness performance criteria

Signal Flaggers

Automated Flagger

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices


Why rent when I can buy?

Reallocate what you have budgeted for new equipment and use it elsewhere to grow your business. Our economical (weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual) rental options ensure an immediate return on investment and eliminates the costs of ownership.

Can you help us with Smart/Intelligent Work Zones, Queue Warning Systems, etc.?

You bet we can! We’ve helped integrate and deploy hundreds of these systems. Contact us for a quote and we’ll help you create a winning bid.

Where is the closest Street Smart location?

With next day delivery available on any of our equipment, we’ve got your back!

How does the app help me manage and monitor the Smart Work Zone, real-time?

The app provides up-to-date information, including among other things, current and historical battery voltage, quality of communication links, video feed from traffic and workzone-facing web cameras in real-time, and historical footage from any web-enabled device. Schedule a Live Demo, and we’ll show you more about the app Dashboard.

Your ROI may be greater than you think. Fill out the form to see your true ROI.

/ Return on investment
/ to break even
With a rental investment of just $ per day, you’ll need to put this to work for only days to break even, leaving you with days of pure gravy. You’ll enjoy invoicing the customer a total of $, giving you a return on rental investment of $!

*This is an estimated ROI. Delivery charges not included.



Traffic Control Companies

Reduce the stress of managing a work zone and all of its surprises

General Contractors

If you have cones and flaggers but have gaps in your Smart Work Zone needs, take on more bids and improve work zone productivity and safety

Public Sector

Meet safety and equipment requirements with custom work zone designs

Security Integrators

Tap into additional revenue in the surveillance re-rental market

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