Smart Arrow Boards

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Connect your Arrow Boards to the cloud
The Smart Arrow Board™ solution is a combination of hardware and software that turns any existing arrow board into a smartboard. Providing drivers with up-to-date navigation information and giving you insight into the day-to-day operations and health of your boards and work-zones.



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Compatible and Robust

  • Can be fit to any arrow board, regardless of make or model
  • Functions just as a regular arrow board and requires no extra knowledge to use in the field
  • Monitor your arrow boards in real-time through a map-based interface that looks great on any device
  • Resilient monitoring system ensures you always get accurate information


Available for rental or purchase
24/7 arrow board monitoring and communications through a web browser
Event-triggered notifications via SMS, email, and the web interface
Archived event information
GPS breadcrumb tracking system
Integrates with:
  • WAZE
  • Google Maps
  • DOT 511 Systems
  • Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx)
  • Other integrations possible



Identify and Deliver
Map out the right equipment for the job and deliver on project deadlines with ready resources.


Data Collection and Analysis
Quickly locate equipment and assess traffic flow anywhere with unmatched tracking capabilities.


Technology and Integration
Make collisions next to impossible with software and systems that leave no zone uncovered.


Choose between two levels of certainty with real-time eyes on the job, plus video backup.


These features help make your construction projects easier to manage and help drivers better navigate through road construction faster. Save time, money, and make your work zones smarter with the Smart Arrow Board™.


  • GPS breadcrumb tracking system
  •  Archived event information
  • Arrow status (On, Off, Left, Right), Arrow heading (North, South, etc…), Arrow orientation (Up, Down, Tilted)
  • Embedded systems enabling 24/7 arrow board monitoring and communications through a web browser
  • Event-triggered notifications via SMS, email, and the web interface
  • Export your arrow board data to external business partners through the external XML feed and IRIS compatible incident feed
  • View and export reports on message events, location history and more


Help drivers get where they’re going faster and simplify project management.


  • Automated TIS integrations give drivers better information, helping them to navigate through or around active work zones as quickly as possible
  • When a work zone is active, workers use the Smart Arrow Board as they would any other arrow board, and the status of the work zone will update to traveler information systems automatically
  • Monitor your arrow boards in real-time through a map-based interface that looks great on any device
  • Automated real-time status alerts to let you know when a display changes, a sign moves, and more
  • Historical reporting of device location and operating condition – never lose track of a board again!
  • System administration and job-based security tools let you keep your arrow boards secure and organized


Why rent when I can buy?

Reallocate what you have budgeted for new equipment and use it elsewhere to grow your business. Our economical (weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual) rental options ensure an immediate return on investment and eliminates the costs of ownership.

Can you help us with Smart/Intelligent Work Zones, Queue Warning Systems, etc.?

You bet we can! We’ve helped integrate and deploy hundreds of these systems. Contact us for a quote and we’ll help you create a winning bid.

Where is the closest Street Smart location?

With next day delivery available on any of our equipment, we’ve got your back!

How does the app help me manage and monitor the Smart Work Zone, real-time?

The app provides up-to-date information, including among other things, current and historical battery voltage, quality of communication links, video feed from traffic and workzone-facing web cameras in real-time, and historical footage from any web-enabled device. Schedule a Live Demo, and we’ll show you more about the app Dashboard.

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