From Convenience to Cost: 4 Compelling Reasons to Consider Solar Security Cameras on Your Next Job Site

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Choosing a surveillance system for your business can feel like a tremendous task. When working on a job site that is widespread, remote, or has limited power, traditional wired cameras may not even be an option. So, how can you keep your assets safe and monitor progress without breaking the bank?

Worry no more. Solar security cameras, otherwise known as surveillance camera trailers, are cameras that are conveniently affixed to a rugged trailer, making them ideal for even the most isolated or geographically challenging environments. There are no wi-fi or hard-wire requirements, and they offer real-time, recorded, and even time-lapse views of the area in which they are placed.  Keeping your construction site crime-free is critical and here are four reasons to consider solar security cameras for your next job site.

  1. Quick Install: The solar cameras are shipped directly to your job site and set up requires only three bolts and attaching one ethernet cable. With 400w of solar and six-car batteries, the trailers will run indefinitely provided the panels are getting adequate southern sun exposure. There is no need for hard-wired power or a generator. No generator also means no noise. Solar-powered security cameras are designed so that you can quite literally “set it and forget it.”
  1. Cost: Solar security cameras are 100% solar powered which wipes out electricity costs as well as expensive fuel costs to power a generator around the clock. Multiple cameras can be used simultaneously without the additional expense of mounting cameras to a wall or running cables within a structure only to pay to have them removed when the job is finished. In addition, the ability to remotely monitor the job site 24/7 eliminates the need for patrols or guards which ensures you can keep your job site crime-free while being cost-efficient.
  1. Comfort: Whether you want to deter crime or monitor operations in progress, a solar security camera trailer serves as an extra pair of eyes in the sky. With a 30X zoom capability, cameras also have the ability to zoom in anywhere in the lot and even properties next door. For additional security, they are also equipped with additional cameras along with strobe lights and talk down speakers. Cameras hold about one month’s worth of video and more storage can be arranged if needed. In addition to real-time, recorded, time-lapse views, the devices also provide motion alerts via automated email or text, giving an extra layer of security and peace of mind.
  2. Convenience: Solar security camera trailers have a built-in cellular modem which provides secure access via an app and through a secured website on any device (mobile/tablet/desktop). In addition, multiple solar security cameras can be monitored in HD quality on one screen simultaneously with one login. The compact trailers are also mobile and can be moved around the job site with ease to ensure each area of the property is monitored at all times. Whether it be highway work zones, commercial/residential construction sites, material lay-down yards, or special events, solar security trailers can get in and out in no time. Finally, solar security cameras require no maintenance. None! We’ve designed these to be maintenance-free. No generators, no hassles. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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