Your Guide to Profit With Monitored Mobile Surveillance

Contract Security Operators can launch Integrated Guarding with Monitored Mobile Surveillance Units To:

  1. Increase revenue and profit with existing accounts.
  2. Multiply the capabilities of your vehicle patrol and on-site security officers while generating more revenue and income with the same number of guards. 
  3. Improve officer response time through video verification. 
  4. Defend current accounts by expanding service offerings to compete against larger players. 
  5. Address labor cost increases, absenteeism, turnover, and hiring challenges. 

“It’s the Business Model” 

Security camera trailers are popping up everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to visit a big box store, home improvement center, or even your local gas station without seeing a camera and blinking blue lights on a pole. Most companies who hired a security guard in the past now see these cameras as a reliable alternative to contract surveillance.

We’ll get you into the game without:  

  • Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new equipment. 
  • Sitting back and watching your competition steal your customers.
  • Distractions from overcomplicated, proprietary technology. 

Street Smart knows that physical security guards are the single most effective deterrent to crime. CSOs don’t need a lesson in the latest and greatest camera technology—they need a business model that fits with their current guard operation.   We believe that business model can be summarized as:  

  • Street Smart rents the Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) to CSOs and provides the logistics and field services. The CSO is our customer. 
  • The CSO owns the customer relationship and incorporates MSUs into the security services their customers need (on-site guarding, remote video monitoring, roving vehicle patrols, closed community security, public event security, etc). The End Customer is the CSO’s customer. 

Here’s How It Works:

1. Street Smart trains CSO on our MSU and monitoring offerings.

2. CSO notifies Street Smart of MSU quantity, durations, and associated monitoring services

3. Street Smart ships MSUs and assigns camera access to CSO or end customer as desired



There are many hidden costs to owning a camera trailer. Before committing to spending $50-$100,000, here are some things to consider:

  • Do my support staff have the time and skills to maintain solar-powered, wirelessly connected surveillance equipment? 
  • Do I have the resources to move and store equipment when not on rent to an end customer? 
  • Am I accounting for the recurring service and maintenance costs like monthly cellular charges, SIM cards, Video Management Software (VMS), batteries, and the cost of insuring the equipment? 
  • How would this equipment affect metrics like Return on Assets, and how would borrowing to finance the purchase affect my financials? 
  • Am I confident that the technology I buy today won’t be outdated next year? 

For nearly all CSOs, renting is the fastest, lowest risk path to protecting current accounts and creating a new revenue stream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain ownership of the customer relationship?
Street Smart only needs an address and location to set up the units—we rarely if ever need to interact with the End Customer. 

Street Smart will provide the CSO with log-in credentials for viewing the cameras and receiving alerts—the CSO can share this info with their End Customer as they see fit. 

I have limited support staff—who is going to service these cameras in the field?

Street Smart continuously monitors battery health, network connection, camera status, and video storage status and alerts the CSO to any potential issues. Street Smart will take care of deployments, relocations and field service calls.


How much does it cost?
Pricing varies based on requested camera configurations, quantity of units rented, and rental duration. In a typical scenario, the CSO will realize a 40-50% gross margin. 
How much are my customers willing to pay for the service?

The market rate for MSUs ranges between $2000- $4000/month depending on geographical location, industry, camera configuration, the provider, and additional services provided (i.e. Monitoring, Extended Video Retention, etc.). 

How will I generate demand for this service?

The market for mobile surveillance is already growing—many CSOs know that their customers are finding this solution from their competitors today. 

Street Smart knows you have limited marketing resources—we have a CSO Onboarding Program that helps with web development (adding MSUs to your website) and developing custom videos and additional marketing collateral to use with prospective clients. 

Can this be integrated with a UL-listed Monitoring Service?
Yes. There are three options for “Monitoring”: 

  1. Motion Alerts sent directly to the CSO for dispatch the guard team. 
  2. Street Smart Overwatch: video verification and response protocol done by a UL-listed, 5 Diamond Central Station. The response protocol can include contacting the CSO. 
  3. The CSO can use their own monitoring partner. 

Surveillance Protocol:

  • The MSU is equipped with cameras (infrared, PTZ, bullet-style, panoramic, etc.) and monitoring zones are configured to detect and send email alerts when a human or vehicle is detected in a monitored zone.  
  • Monitoring can be fine-tuned for specific scenarios: sending alerts when loitering is detected or when a specific type of vehicle enters a zone. 

Deterrence Protocol:

  • This step adds active deterrence to the Surveillance Protocol.  
  • Custom configuration of blue/red strobe, prerecorded message, (e.g. “This area is under surveillance”) or live voice talk-down. 

Response Protocol:

  • When the Response Protocol is initiated, a video-verified alarm call is placed to monitoring center or local law enforcement.
The owners and leaders of contract security companies don’t need to make dramatic changes to their business model to get in on the growing mobile surveillance market. By partnering with the right MSU fleet operator, they can start using mobile surveillance as a force-multiplier for their existing guard service and protect their accounts from competitors.
Customers are already asking for this—Street Smart offers a proven way to stop saying no and start saying yes.  


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