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Please note, information presented on our support page are ideas from our Street Smart team. Always consult your company’s safety measures and procedures.

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Video Resources

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How to Set Up A Mobile Security Camera Trailer with a Q6135/D4100 Configuration
Overview of Street Smart’s Video Management Software
How to Set Up A Mobile Security Camera Trailer with a P3818-PVE Configuration
How to Keep Your Unit Operational During Winter Months with Less Sunlight
How to Set Up A Mobile Security Camera Trailer with a P1468-LE Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my footage?

Contact for assistance getting video footage from a unit you’re renting. We will need your name, unit number, and date / time of the footage you need.

How do I protect my trailer from theft?

Street Smart trailers can be secured by attaching your own padlock to the battery / electronics enclosure and mast winch which comes with convenient locking points. The wheels and tongue of most of our trailers can be easily removed as well once deployed to make moving the trailer much more difficult. Street Smart does not provide locks with camera trailer rentals.

How do I setup the trailer after delivery?

Once you receive your trailer from us, please take a moment to read through and follow the instructions on this setup document. If you have questions during the setup, or if you think everything is set up as specified in the set-up instructions document, call us at 888-653-6800 – opt 3 and one of our technicians can help make sure everything is working properly before you leave.

Is my camera recording?

Yes, our cameras record 24/7 to local storage.

Setup and Takedown Instructions

Security Camera Trailer Set-up Instructions

Security Camera Trailer Takedown Instructions

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