Intelligent Work Zones

Smart Work Zones

Street Smart Rental has been providing Smart Work Zones (SWZ) for over 15 years. Our SWZ rental solutions have been used on everything from large-scale road construction projects (e.g. I-75/ I-696 Detroit, MI Interchange Project), to high-visibility events (e.g. the Vancouver Olympics) and even during the most unpredictable catastrophes (e.g. the 2007 I-35W Minneapolis, MN Bridge Collapse).

Technology Tools for Enabling SWZ

Street Smart Rental offers a service that blends technology solutions with product rentals to enable Smart Work Zones; combined with a management team that has decades of industry experience. Street Smart Rental has one of the largest fleets of portable ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) equipment in the country; this allows us to respond quickly and economically to our customers’ needs.

NEW Trucks Entering System (Construction Access System)
Truck Entry System

NEW Traffic Speed Detection Sensor

Iowa Statewide Intelligent Work Zone Map

Iowa statewide Intelligent Work Zone

Iowa Statewide Intelligent Work Zone Information

Iowa statewide Intelligent Work Zone Information

Technology Services

Whether you’re looking for pricing estimates, design work, or general insight into Smart Work Zones systems; our engineering and sales team will work with you to help design your next SWZ project.  Whether you design the project with or without us, our technical support team can help with deployment, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of your project – anywhere in the U.S.


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