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The appeal of renting traffic control equipment among traffic control providers is booming. This is due to economic uncertainty of the previous handful of years, and the unwillingness of contractors to supply the overhead for new equipment. According to the American Rental Association construction rentals are expected to increase 8.5% in 2015. When traffic control companies consider renting before purchasing they are expanding the demand and creating new customers for their business.

Not Again! Over and over again, traffic control providers pass on projects due to equipment availability in their yard. That’s why Street Smart Rental was established over 15 years ago. You have virtually every piece of traffic control equipment essential for any project. Meaning you’ll never have to skip another bid. This frees up your company’s capital, because there is no long term investment involved when renting. You’re free from the cost associated with equipment ownership.

Maintenance & Repairs Not only is the investment for a new piece of equipment daunting, you must consider the maintenance and up-keep of that investment. Tony Illia of states “rentals account for only 1%-3% of total project cost. This cost can frequently be passed to the end client and marked up for additional profit.” But a non-functioning piece of equipment can bring any job to a standstill. At Street Smart Rental we offer the most reliable and up-to-date equipment available at nation’s lowest sub-rental rates. Our certified technicians and 24 hour service, will work to solve any issue that may arise in a professional and timely matter; getting you the proper replacement parts the same or next day.

How often will the equipment be used? Street Smart Rental eliminates the cost of storage for your business. The equipment is yours only when you need it. The average full size message board occupies upwards of 112 sq/ft. And the average arrow board almost 67 sq/ft. This adds up quick. And if they are in your yard, you aren’t seeing a return on your investment. When the job is done, we pick up the equipment relieving you the headache of storage.

Transporting? Moving your equipment from one project to another can be financially draining. Not to mention the man hours involved. Street Smart Rental works closely with several trucking companies nationwide to get the lowest rate possible, saving you time and money.

So, knowing now your inventory includes ALL traffic control equipment, ask yourself this:

  • Have we had to turn down bids because we didn’t have the proper equipment?
  • How can we expand our business with minimal investment?
  • What projects have we been unable to be involved in, can we now start pursuing?
  • If something happens to the equipment, do we have staff and parts to fix it?


As your firm grows, and diversifies its business the answer to all these questions can be easily answered with Street Smart Rental. Deciding to rent instead of own is an obvious conclusion. With no overhead, minimal maintenance, lowest pricing, and worry free transportation, Street Smart Rental is the company to help you grow.
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