The Zoneguard Steel Barrier System offers the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary barrier solution that provides superior protection. A cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete barrier, Zoneguard’s lightweight configuration allows 750 linear feet to be hauled on a single truck and up to 1500 linear feet to be installed in one hour. Its light weight weight also saves on fuel consumption associated with transportation. Finally, a safe temporary barrier solution that doesn’t weigh down your bottom-line.

Crash Testing

The Zoneguard steel barrier system underwent six separate crash tests in 2007.  The system either met or surpassed both NCHRP 350 (TL-3 & TL-4) and MASH (TL-3) crash test standards. Proving its light weight does not affect its performance. Two anchoring configurations were tested: Standard Deflection System (SDS) and Minimum Deflection System (MDS). Both anchoring systems were tested to NCHRP-350 and MASH crash test criteria. The only difference being the anchors used.

Cash Test Letters

Check out both NCHRP-350 and Mash Acceptance letters from the Federal Highway Administration.


Each 50′ unit comes with a pre-installed male and female speed joint, and is lifted from a truck and “snapped” together using patent speed joint technology, making installation a breeze.