Street Smart now offers an automated cloud-based work zone camera management system that can help you document and map your road construction projects with video and GPS data. The system works by mounting a small and easy to install camera on your windshield or dashboard. While you drive a work zone, the camera records HD video and mapping data. When you return to the office, the camera will automatically connect to the accompanying base station and upload the footage and mapping data to the cloud. Then, if you want to look back at footage or GPS data, you can do so from any internet connected device.


  • Protect yourself from lawsuits with proof that equipment was set up correctly
  • Ensure accurate counts of deployed equipment so clients can rest easy
  • Document completed work

Video Playback and Management

  • Quickly locate and view videos by date, time, or map
  • Organizational tools allow you to group footage by work zone
  • Download full quality footage for backup or local viewing on any device
  • Footage hosted online for up to 3 years
  • Watch footage with a side-by-side map that shows you where that footage was recorded

Work Zone Camera Management

Technical Features

  • Record in high quality HD, day or night
  • Proximity Sensor with voice feedback let’s you start and stop recordings effortlessly
  • Rugged mount with locked cable prevents the camera from being disconnected
  • Automatically download and organize footage when near the base station