A Traveler Information System (Travel Time) should be considered for deployment as part of a project’s temporary traffic-control plan when the following conditions are anticipated:

  • The work zone will cause 15 minutes or more of additional travel time.
  • The work zone causing the delay is within 10 miles of the PCMS location.


When properly designed and deployed for a specific project, a TI (Travel Time) System should inform the drivers what the estimated travel time is between their current location and a specific destination beyond them. It is anticipated that the system will give drivers information which will allow them to decide whether to change routes, provide them opportunity to notify others of their estimated arrival time, and provide drivers with sufficient information to calm tempers. Consideration should be given to posting an alternate route and travel time for additional driver information.


Deployment criteria and anticipated effects are suggestions that were provided by the MnDOT 2007/2008 report “Minnesota Intelligent Work Zone Toolbox.”