Our trailer attenuator products meet Test Level 3 NCHRP 350 approvals and offer a wide range of protection for workers, motorists, and equipment. Designed to absorb collision energy during rear-end impacts, the trailer mounted attenuator reduces expensive equipment damage and prevents impacting vehicles from under riding the truck.

Each system is constructed of a lightweight aluminum cartridge with a reusable steel support frame. The trailer system has a simple attachment with supporting crank jacks, allowing the trailer attenuator to be easily attached, detached, and moved.

Our trailer attenuators come with a vehicle mount 25-light arrow board as well as a wireless arrow board controller that can be used from the truck without leaving your vehicle.

Our fleet of Trailer Attenuators:

  • Easily attach to any truck
  • Require no maintenance hassles
  • Are compliant with 62 mph NCHRP 350 requirement
  • Are equipped with a 25-Light Arrow Board

Available Models:

  • Traffix Devices Scorpion TL3

All Street Smart Rental temporary traffic signal rental products and equipment meet MUTCD requirements. Product specifications differ between all Street Smart Rental products. We offer a wide variety of products to meet all of your needs and for a list of trailer mounted attenuator specifications, call us today at 1-888-653-6800.