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Scorpion II MASH Approved Attenuators

TrafFix Scorpion II attenuators are now available from Street Smart Rental. These are the first and only attenuators on the market that are MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) tested and approved for use.

 This Trailer Attenuator was struck by a distracted driver in May of 2018 by a van traveling at 70MPH.

The four occupants of the van, and the driver in the host vehicle all walked away.


The Scorpion Attenuator meet MASH approval and offer a wide range of protection for workers against distracted drivers. Designed to absorb collision energy during rear-end impacts, the Trailer Attenuators save lives and reduce expensive equipment damage.

Each system is constructed of a lightweight aluminum cartridge with a reusable steel support frame. The trailer system has a simple attachment with supporting crank jacks, allowing the trailer attenuator to be easily attached, detached and moved.

Our Trailer Attenuators come with a Smart Brick Message Board or 25-light Arrow Board as well as a wireless Arrow Board controller that can be used from the truck without leaving your vehicle.

Trailer Attenuators:

  • Easily attach to any truck
  • Require no maintenance hassles
  • Are compliant with 62 mph NCHRP 350 requirement
  • Are equipped with a 15- or 25-Light Arrow Board

Available Models:

  • Traffix Devices Scorpion TL-3
  • Traffix Devices Scorpion TL-2

More Information:

 For a list of trailer attenuator specifications, call Street Smart Rental today at 888-653-6800.