Traffic Panels and Markers


Mark Obstructions Near or Within a Roadway

K-Markers Markers may be used on island approach noses to indicate the presence of a raised curb or other obstruction or anywhere that a Type II Object Marker is appropriate.

K Marker  K Marker 2  K Marker 3


  • Available in White or Yellow Color Options
  • Available in White or Yellow Reflective Color Options
  • Available in three base options

Sergeant Stripes

Higher Target Value Object Marker

Sergeant Stripes are used in lieu of Type II object markers when more target value is required, or any area where traffic is directed around two sides of an object. Sergeant Stripes are ideal for marking island ends or in advance of impact attenuators in a highway gore area.

Sergeant Stripes  Sergeant Stripes 2

  • Available in 5 base options
  • Available in 12” X 24” or “18 X 36” Size options

Hazard Markers

Multi- Purpose Hazard Markers

Hazard Markers are ideal for marking obstructions within or adjacent to the roadway. Hazard Markers are perfect for low water crossings, as well as protecting guardrail and bridge approaches.

Hazard Marker  Hazard Marker 2

  • Available in 6 base options
  • Available in 8” X 24”, 12″x 24″, 12″x 36″ height options

Vertical Panels 

Work Zone Lane Separators / Channelizers

Vertical Panels may be used to channelize traffic, divide opposing lanes of traffic, separate traffic lanes, for lane closures, or in place of barricades where space is limited. They are ideal for use in work zones where changes in road alignment or lane shifts can create motorist confusion.

Verticle Panel Verticle Panel 2 Verticle Panel 3

  • Available in One Base System base only
  • Available in Orange Color Only
  • Available in Orange and White reflective colors
  • Available in 8” X 24” and 12” X 24” height options

Chevron Panels

Directional Warning Signs 

Chevron Panels may be used as an alternative or supplement to standard delineators and to the large arrow sign. The chevron sign is intended to be used to give notice of a sharp change of alignment in the direction of traffic chevron panels.

Chevron Chevron 2 Chevron 4

  • Available in all seven bases
  • Available in White and Orange color options
  • Yellow and Orange Reflective colors
  •  Available in 36” and 60” height options

Opposing Traffic Lane Dividers

Work Zone Opposing Lane Delineators

Opposing Traffic Lane Dividers are delineation systems used in work zones where traffic flow changes may become confusing for motorists. OTLDs are used at center line to separate opposing traffic on two-lane, two way operations, and may be used in combination with the Tuff Posts.

Object Markers

Type II Object Markers

Type II Object Markers may be used on island approach noses to indicate the presence of a raised curb or other obstruction or anywhere that a Type II is appropriate.

Object Marker Object Marker 2 Object Marker 3

  • Available in White and Yellow reflective color only
  • Available in 36” and Custom heights