A Statewide Temporary Intelligent Work Zone Deployment (IWZ Contract) is a direct form of procurement between an Intelligent Work Zone vendor and the state DOT. An IWZ contract allows the DOT flexibility in deploying IWZ equiment in multiple “Traffic Critical Projects” across the state.

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Traffic projects

Iowa Project Background:

The Iowa DOT desired to contract with up to (3) experienced vendors for providing Intelligent Work Zone equipment services on Traffic Critical Projects across the state of Iowa. This was a 1 year contract, extendable for up to 5 years. Street Smart Rental scored the highest points during the RFP evaluation process based on experience and total project value. All 3 contracts were awarded to Street Smart Rental.

2018 Traffic Critical Projects – Iowa Intelligent Work Zone Map:

Iowa statewide Intelligent Work Zone

2018 Iowa Intelligent Work Zone Information Site:

Iowa statewide Intelligent Work Zone Information