Enhanced Crash Protection and Recording

Street Smart Rental is raising the bar in the traffic safety industry!  Street Smart developed a Smart Brick Message Sign that can be mounted to a trailer attenuator and is light enough to meet crash standards, with several upgraded safety and technology features!

The Smart Brick securely mounts to trailer attenuators, such as the Traffix Scorpion TL-3, as pictured above.

General Smart Brick Information:

Smart Brick Cut Sheet



  • Strobing Lights
  • Accident Recording
  • Electric Actuated Auto Deployment
  • Traffic Sensor – Records Speeds
  • Reflective Border
  • In-Cab Wireless Control

Smart Brick Wireless Controls

Accident Recording

CCTV Camera mounted inside of case.  Camera records 24 hrs continuous loop.  Equipped with an accelerometer to save and store prior video footage upon impact.