Make Your Arrow Boards Smarter

The modern work zone is becoming increasingly automated and intelligent, helping lessen the inconvenience construction creates for drivers. Traveler Information Systems can make use of data from the road to help drivers get accurate traffic data on navigation systems, so they can determine the fastest way through or around work zones. In order for such systems to operate properly though, they need accurate and real-time information.

This is a tall task in the context of large construction projects with many crews and work zones active at the same time. Getting up to date information requires crew to report to management what construction zone they’re working on, and what lanes they’re working on. This problem is made more difficult by the fact that work zones are always on the move. New lanes may need to be closed, others may open up, crews might switch between work zones from day to day etc… Keeping all this information up to date creates a huge amount of overhead for management and construction crews.

To address these issues, Street Smart Rental has developed the Smart Arrow Board™. The Smart Arrow Board™ is an easy-to-use and cost-effective device that can be installed on most arrow boards on the market today. Once installed, it can determine the real-time status of the connected arrow board, and deliver that information to you and your internal traffic systems remotely and autonomously. When work crews are closing down a new lane they can simply turn on the arrow board, as they normally would to indicate the closure to cars not the road, and no further action is required. By simply moving the board or changing what’s on the display, the Smart Arrow Board can automatically update traffic management systems, message boards, and traveler information systems to reflect how the board has been set up.

This also simplifies things for project managers. In addition to automatically updating the relevant systems, administrators can get real-time information about all their arrow boards, and use that to see what work zones are active, and how progress is going in those work zones- without any direct interaction with the crew required. This saves time and provides more accurate information.

Smart Arrow Board


  • GPS Breadcrumb Tracking system
  • Archived event information
  • Arrow Status (On, Off, Left, Right)
  • Arrow Heading (North, South, etc…)
  • Arrow Orientation (Up, Down, Tilted)
  • Embedded systems enabling 24/7 arrow board monitoring and communications through a web browser
  • Event triggered notifications and email alerts


These features help make your construction projects easier to manage, and help drivers better navigate through road construction faster. Save time, money, and make your work zones smarter with the Smart Arrow Board™.



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