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Plastic Safe Sign 350

Safe Sign-350 is an alternative to heavy plywood and aluminum signs with their sharp edges and bent corners. The Safe-Sign 350 is a specially corrugated plastic sign blank that is lightweight yet rigid. It’s tough enough to hold its shape both while stacked on the truck and on the construction site. This special plastic sign blank has been UV stabilized and is ready to have reflective sheeting applied to it.

Sign Blanksign blank2

The Safe-Sign 350, is colored orange throughout, and is available in 36″x 36″, 48″x 48″ and 48″x 96″ sizes. Safe-Sign 350 is ideal for all types of rigid sign applications and has been NCHRP-350 approved for use with all our sign stands.

Roll Up Signs

Roll-Up Signs are available in non-reflective mesh or vinyl, and reflective vinyl. Reflective Vinyl Signs are available in standard reflective, Reflexite Marathon, or 3M Diamond Grade reflective material.  Roll-Up Signs are available in 36″ x 36″ and 48″ x 48″, as well as customer custom sizes.

Roll Up rwa Roll Up digger Roll Up uwa

Roll-up Construction Signs come in a variety of different materials and legends. These signs utilize flexible fiberglass frames, which fit into plastic or sewn corner pockets, to achieve maximum performance, even in the windiest conditions.

Roll Up2  Roll Up 3   Roll Up 4

Standard Construction Sign Legends

Roll-up Construction Signs come in a variety of different materials and legends. These signs utilize flexible fiberglass frames, which fit into plastic or sewn corner pockets, to achieve maximum performance, even in the windiest conditions.

Zeypher Sign Stand

Sign Stands:

The Zephyr portable sign stand is constructed of a steel plate molded into a recycled rubber base (weight 38 lbs). Two molded-in carrying handles allow for easy movement and placement of the Zephyr stand. The Zephyr sign stand is easy to use – simply release the lever and raise the mast to lock it into the upright position. No further adjustments are necessary. No folding legs that extend out into traffic.

Zeypher  Zeypher 2  Zeypher 3

The plastic corner pocket at the bottom of the sign allows for quick and easy mounting of sign to stand. Just insert the corner pocket and press down. The sign automatically locks in place. To remove the sign, simply lift the release lever. The big rubber base (28″ x 17 1/2″) is skid-resistant and is stable enough to remain in place, even in windy conditions. Zephyr “spills the wind” without the use of bulky springs.  Base is also available with a universal sign holder bracket for use with sewn pocket signs or older Roll Up’s.

“Sign Stand “

Sign Stand is designed with unique Step-N-Drop Legs, this highly advanced feature enables you to quickly set-up the stand without having to bend over or stoop down. Simply place your foot on the release lever, step down and two legs will drop into position. Repeat the process for the remaining two legs and you are ready for the sign.

***”Sign Stands” For Use With 36″ and 48″ Roll-Up Signs***

***Each Sign Stand can be equipped with a Rigid Sign Adapter, this single spring adapter converts a stand for roll-up signs into a stand that will accommodate a 36″ x 36″ rigid sign.***

 Sign Stand with Unique Step-N-Drop Legs – 22000 Series

The Sign Stand is compact, easy to carry and stores in small areas. All parts can be easily replaced. Each sign stand is available with a 10″ height extender and a Universal Sign Holder. The Universal Sign Holder allows any manufacturer’s roll-up sign to be used with Sign Stand. The special 10″ extender adapts to the stand for added height, or where maximum sign height is required without raising the

Single Spring Sign Stand – 22300 Series

For those extra windy applications there is the Single Spring Sign Stand. The stand has Step-n-Drop legs and all the other features and benefits listed above. The stand comes with the traditional latch bracket connector for plastic corner pockets, or the Universal Sign Holder which is ideal for sewn corner pockets and older roll-up signs.

Aluminum Leg Single Spring Sign Stand – 22700 Series

This aluminum leg version of the Sign Stand with Spring is ideal for those applications requiring lightweight portability with superior corrosion resistance. The telescoping legs provide stability in windy conditions.

sign stand  sign stand 2  sign stand 3

Quad-Drop Portable Sign Stand

54000 Series

All four legs drop at once providing the quickest deployment of any traffic control sign stand. Construction is 100% aluminum for lightweight portability and corrosion resistance. Minimize the time your people are exposed to traffic with a 2 second Quad-Drop deployment. NCHRP 350 Certified for 36″ or 48″ plastic corner pocket roll-up signs. Quick pin latch bracket provides easy insertion of plastic corner pocket roll-up signs and has four telescoping aluminum legs for increased stability. 13 lb. Quad-Drop sign stand is 1/2 the weight of other conventional compact sign stands.

quad drop  quad drop 2  quad drop 3

Phoenix Sign Stand

A simple and easy way to mount signs that are different in size and shape to a single sign stand. The Phoenix Sign Stand is designed with a pre-drilled square upright to accommodate hole patterns found in most size signs. You can raise and lower signs anywhere along the six-foot long upright for more flexibility. The Phoenix Sign Stand is NCHRP-350 certified, with a 48″ x 48″ .080 aluminum sign, as well as, other size signs and with an optional barricade light and flags.  Two Phoenix Sign Stands can also be used to support barricade panels to create a type III barricade.

The Phoenix Sign Stand consists of four components:

  • 6′ long pre-drilled square upright
  • Steel Base Plate
  • Recycled rubber base
  • Steel locking pin

Recycled Rubber Base: Four stacking lugs are located in each corner of the base and help hold sand bags in place during windy conditions. Together, the rubber base and steel plate weigh 40 lbs. Two carrying handles are molded into the base, and are located on either side of the base. Once the recycled rubber base and steel plate are assembled, they can virtually remain together until you decide to separate the two pieces. The stacking lugs allow the bases to nest together while taking up very little space on the truck or in storage.

Phoenix  phoenix 2  phoenix 3

Tri-Buster Sign Stand

The Tri-Buster Tripod Sign Stand is the ideal combination of durability, economy, safety, and versatility. Perfect for the needs of many contractors, municipalities and utility companies. It is NCHRP 350 compliant with 48″ x 48″ or smaller; plywood, aluminum, aluminum poly laminate, plastic, and roll-up sign materials.

Tri-Buster 2  Tri-Buster 3

Little Buster Sign Stand

Designed to hold 30″, 36″ and 48″ aluminum, wood, plastic or roll-up signs. All steel construction with powder coated paint to resist rusting and telescoping mast with adjustable rigid or roll-up sign brackets allow for variable sign height adjustments. Dual spring mounted base for added stability during high winds. Step-N-Drop legs enable you to set-up in seconds without having to bend over or stoop down. A two-position leg adjustment allows all four legs to be individually adjusted for uneven terrain. Flag holder will accept standard 3/4″ diameter wooden or plastic dowel flags.

***Little Buster Sign Stand is in compliance with NCHRP-350 regulations when using .080, .100 and .125 aluminum signs. Just specify the Little Buster Sign Stand with Safe Sleeve-350 Rigid Sign Bracket, to meet the stringent NCHRP-350 standards.***

Little Buster  Little Buster 2  Little Buster 3

Econo-Buster Sign Stand

Econo Buster is a lightweight (30 lbs.) yet durable stand for 36″ x 36″ and 48″ x 48″ roll-up or rigid signs. The telescoping inner mast allows all types and sizes of signs to be mounted at various heights. The powder coated paint on the steel legs and telescoping mast resists rusting. The step-n-drop leg design enables you to set up quickly without having to bend down or stoop over (no pins to kick, push or pull). The three position locking leg design allows you to adjust for uneven terrain.

*** Approved with Roll-Up Signs, Safe Sign-350 Plastic Signs and with the Safe Sleeve-350 Bracket for .080 Aluminum signs***

Econo-Buster  Econo-Buster 2  Econo-Buster 3

Big Buster 2

Big Buster Sign Stand

The Big Buster sign stand has a steel base and two springs so it can withstand heavy winds as well as severe wind gusts and air currents created by passing trucks. The legs and telescoping mast are made of lightweight aluminum to reduce carrying weight.

Big Buster is designed to hold 5/8” plywood or .080, .100 and .125 aluminum signs 5 feet of the ground. It can also be used to hold a roll-up sign 7 feet off the ground.

***Approved with Roll-Up and Safe Sign-350 Signs at any height and with .080, .100 and .125 Aluminum or 5/8″ Plywood signs at 5′ bottom height***

Super Buster Sign Stand

The Super Buster Sign Stand has a powder coated steel base and two heavy duty springs, designed to withstand strong winds and severe wind gusts created by passing traffic. Both the lightweight aluminum mast and legs telescope for compact storage and site specific adjustments.  Super Buster can accommodate a 48″ x 60″ and 48″ x 48″ or smaller 5/8″ plywood signs, or .080, .100 and .125 aluminum, plastic or roll-up signs up to 7′ off the ground. 

Big Buster

Barrier Sign Stand

This stand is ideal for highway conditions where shoulder space is limited. It has a durable powder coated steel clamp with heavy duty T-pins and hardened steel points.  The 12″ clamp fits 5 1/2″ to 12″ wide Jersey-style concrete barrier walls and the 15″ clamp fits 8 1/2″ to 15″ wide Jersey-style concrete barrier walls.  It comes available as a clamp only, with Little Buster (steel) or Big Buster (aluminum) mast, springs and sign mounting brackets. It safely displays 48″ x 48″ or smaller; rigid or roll-up signs.

Barrier Buster  Barrier Buster 2  Barrier Buster 3

Stop Slow Paddles/Flags

Stop/Slow Paddles are made from strong, non-corrosive material without any sharp edges. The paddle measures 18″ x 18″ and features a 11/4″ diameter hardwood handle. Available in reflective and non-reflective surfaces.

The 24″ x 24″ Stop/Slow Paddle with 6′ plastic staff is ideal for all types of construction projects where maximum visibility is required. Sign face is made from durable aluminum and is available in reflective and non-reflective surfaces. The plastic staff with non-skid rubber end cap is detachable for easy storage.

18″ and 24″ Stop/Slow Paddles are available with several handle styles to meet your needs. All flags come with either a 3/4″ x 24″ or 3/4″ x 36″ hardwood dowel staff.

Stop-Slow  Stop-Slow 2     Stop-Slow 3

Ground Mount Sign Stand

This economical stand is ideal for short duration jobs. Simply drive the pointed metal end of the strand into the ground by stepping on the horizontal side bars.  It  holds 36″ and 48″ Roll-Up Signs firmly in place. Powder Coated Steel Stand with Step-On Cross Member for easy ground installation (works best in loose soil, sand, or gravel). For Roll-Up Signs Only (Heavy Duty frame required)

Ground Mount

Three Flag Bracket

Now you can combine the economy of wood or plastic dowel flags with any sign stand. You can even mount it directly to the fiberglass cross brace of any roll-up sign or to the back of any rigid sign.
Three Flag Bracket

Truck Mounting Bracket

Mounts securely to truck bed or any other flat surface. The telescoping arm locks the stand in place while truck is in motion.

Truck Mount Bracket                     Truck Mount 2                                      

Sign Storage Bag

Easy to carry storage bag helps keep the TrafFix Stand free from oil, grease and dirt, whether on the truck or in storage.

Sign Storage Bag

Stand Carry Bag

Easy to carry storage bag helps keep the stand free from oil, grease and dirt, whether on the truck or in storage.

   Carry Bag                                        

Ridged Sign Adaptor

 This single spring adapter converts a TrafFix stand for roll-up signs into a stand that will accommodate a 36″ x 36″ rigid sign. Simply drop the custom latch bracket connector into the sign stand to lock in place.

Sign Adapter

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