Portable Street Light Systems Now Available For Rent From Street Smart Rental

Ver-Mac PTL-1000

The PLT-1000 is a compact, battery powered portable target light for work zone applications and more. The PTL-1000 features Ver-Mac’s exclusive Nightbrite Technology, which provides a brighter, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting system. The system is quick and easy to set up and does not require a diesel generator to power. Equipped with high performance lithium batteries and fast charging system, the PLT-1000 will perform night after night. The system is ideal for short term on and off-road construction and utility projects, presence lighting, flagging operations, special events and emergency service applications.


  • LED Technology – LED fixture for increased brightness, lower power consumption, and improved reliability
  • Compact Design – 14′ telescoping mast, tripod legs, and wheels make for a stable and compact package that can be deployed quickly.
  • Long Lasting – Maintenance free high powered LifeP04 lithium batteries provide 10-30 hours of light, depending on the desired brightness
  • Fast Charging – The LifePO4 600 watt fast charging system lets you get a full charge in under 3 hours.
  • Optional Balloon Light – Units can be equipped with a balloon light to provide a softer, glare free light source.