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A well-organized parking lot can mean the difference between traffic fluidity and traffic congestion. With our full line of parking lot signs and safety systems, vehicles and pedestrians can move through the parking lot quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Sta-Rite Sign Posts

Light Weight Impactable Aluminum Sign Posts

The Sta-Rite sign post was designed as an alternative to our polyethylene post traditionally used for parking lot signage. Just like our other parking lot signage, these signs utilize our reactive spring unit which allows the sign to withstand bumper hits and return to original position, without damaging the sign or vehicle.  Ideal for high traffic parking lot locations, these signs are especially useful for lots without car stops and are easy to install.

Sta Rite  Sta Rite 2  Sta Rite 3

  • Available in two bases
  • Available in 60″, ADA compliant 78″, and MUTCD compliant 102

SlowStop Bollards

Dynamic Collision Shield

The SlowStop Flexible Bollards are a revolutionary energy absorbing dynamic collision shield that does more than just block access.  During a collision, the kinetic energy of the impact is progressively absorbed by an elastomer hidden in the base of this rebounding bollard.  The post is able to tilt approximately 20° as it progressively absorbs energy, softening the impact.  After the impact, the post returns upright, leaving your guard intact and ready to perform again.

bollard 4 bollard 5 Bollard 3

  • Available in 42” and Custom Heights
  • Available in Yellow Only

SlowStop Parking Sign

Rebounding Steel Parking Bollard Post

Create a resilient steel disabled parking sign that is strong enough to eliminate traditional wheel stops.  This 4” Bollard kit comes complete with a rebounding metal bollard and signpost, brackets, and anchors.  Merely provide the cement to pour inside the flexible steel bollard and install on a cement pad and forget about damaged sign posts and vehicles.

Parking Post  Parking Post 2

  • Comes in Yellow with White reflective sheeting and is 78” in height

Parking Lot Stop Sign

Stop Sign for Parking Lot Applications

The 5’ Parking Lot Stop Sign was designed for use in parking lots and other areas not covered by statutory requirements.  It is a flexible sign post for areas prone to occasional vehicle impacts.

Stop Sign

  • Available in four base options
  • Available in 60” Height Only

Metro Flexible Bollard Marker

Durable Single Piece Bollard for Messaging

The Metro Flexible Bollard Marker is a strong, blow-molded, single piece bollard that utilizes reboundable spring technology.  This versatile sign can be customized to display any desired messaging.

Metro Bollard  Metro Bollard 2  Metro Bollard 4

  • Available in White or Black color options
  • Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, and Black reflective color options
  • Available in three base options
  • Sign is 1M in Height

Custom Signage 

Signage for Nearly Any Need

We can create a custom sign to fit nearly any application or need. Simply tell us what type of sign you require and we will be happy to create it for you.

Custom Sign  Custom Sign 2  Custom Sign 3