The iCone Traffic Beacon features:

  • Simple operation – drop it on the roadside and flip a switch to activate
  • Portable – deploy many iCones with one vehicle
  • Autonomous – over 2 weeks of operation on a single battery charge (battery charger included within the iCone)
  • Durable construction – waterproof, shock resistant, one moving part (the switch)
  • Universal coverage – satellite modems provide network communications on every road in North America
  • High-accuracy positioning – GPS identifies the exact lane that iCone is placed
  • Traffic speed detection – K-band radar; average speeds are transmitted to measure congestion
  • Data processing – web-based traffic reporting, monitoring and travel times (optional bin file reporting)
  • Configurable – user-defined speed average time interval, modem-to-server communication time interval


  • NCHRP 350 compliant – tested for crash worthiness
  • MUTCD compliant – Class 1/11 traffic barrel; reflective material per state specs
  • USDOT approved AGM 12 volt battery – minimal maintenance required
  • Weight: 60 pounds


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