Channelizer Drums


Tired of drum tops and bases that don’t fit, snap, or stay together? Choose from an array of different types and styles that best fit your needs and budget.  Remember, whichever base you select, it will fit any channelizer drum top, even the ones you may have purchased years ago.

Channelizer Drums are available in rugged, durable high density polyethylene, or impact resistant, reshapeable low density polyethylene.


  • Drum is a minimum of 18″ wide throughout its 36″ height, regardless of orientation
  • Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage
  • Drum and base remain “snapped together” until impacted or separated for transportation and storage
  • Gentle curves throughout drum eliminate sharp edges or corners that crack and break when impacted

Tire Ring2

***Channelizer Drums can be ordered with (4) 4” or 6” Engineer Grade, High Performance, or Diamond Grade Sheeting***

Drum Bases

Standard Base Economical and easy to use – simply place the base on the ground, add a sand bag and snap – lock the drum top to the base. The base is made of durable, impact resistant polyethylene.

 sanfillbase sanfill2

San-Fil Base San-Fil bases are designed to hold approximately 50 pounds of sand. The twist lock cover keeps the sand inside the base. Two carrying handles make movement and placement an easy job. The low profile 4″ high base easily clears vehicle undercarriages and can even support the weight of any automobile, when properly filled.


Recycled Rubber Base This 100% recycled rubber base is the “sandless” way to ballast channelizer drums. The rubber base “grips the road” and minimizes drum movement due to wind gusts. Bases are available in 25 and 40 pound weights with two convenient carrying methods.

Rubber Base Rubber Base2

Tire Ring Base The Tire Ring Base is made from truck tire sidewall sections. It’s economical and easy to use and provides all the ballast you’ll need to hold a drum in place, even in the windiest conditions. The tire ring eliminates the need for sandbags that tear or break leaving messy sand on the roadway. The rubber tire ring “grips the road” and minimizes drum movement and rotation.
Channelizer drums (with tire rings) have been impact tested under the direction of NTPEP.  Tire size should be 22.5″ (nominal diameter).

Tire Ring Tire Ring2