Delineator Posts

Delineator Posts and other flexible signs provide customizable and durable delineation and channelization for nearly any need, in order to enhance a safe and uninterrupted traffic flow.

Bike Lane Delineator

Candlestick uprights provide 360 degree visibility and reflectivity, while the curbing system utilizes glass bead technology for long lasting, highly visible ground reflectors.  Bases are sleek and low profile to provide maximum safety while providing the psychological barriers need to keep bike lanes safe.  Ideal for use in conventional bike lanes, buffered, contra-flow, raised-cycle tracks and even two-way cycle tracks.

Bike Delineator  Bike Delineator 2  Bike Delineator 3

  • Comes in White, Black, Green and Yellow color options       
  • Comes in 36”, 42” and  48” height options
  • Available in White, Yellow, and Green Reflective Color Options

Tuff Post Flexible Posts

High Performance Channelizer

Tuff Post flexible posts are a high performance channelizer designed to meet the harsh demands of high speed, high traffic areas. Tuff Post has been tested to sustain 50 impacts at 50 MPH with little damage to the unit and to the impacting vehicle, while remaining upright with no vertical listing.

Tuff Post  Tuff Post 2  Tuff Post 3

  • Available in White, Orange and Yellow Color Options
  • Available in 36”, 42” and 48” and Custom height Options
  • Available in 2.375”, 3” and 4” Diameter Options
  • Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, and Orange reflective colors

Tubular Markers

Versatile Multi-Purpose Lane Dividers

Tubular Markers may be used effectively as opposing lane dividers of traffic, divide traffic when two or more lanes are kept open in the same direction, channelize traffic in exit only applications, for urban turn restrictions, for indicating changes of alignment in the roadway and to delineate edge of pavement drop off where space limitations do not allow the use of larger systems.

Tubular Marker  Tubular Marker 2  Tubular Marker 3

  • Available in 4 base options
  • Available in White, Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow color options
  • Available in 36”, 42” and 48” Options
  • Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, and Orange reflective color options

Delineator Posts

Roadway Alignment Posts

Delineators are designed to aid motorists in identifying the alignment of the roadway when utilized in roadside or center-line applications. These posts are ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important, including exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, center-line traffic separation or urban turn restrictions.

Delineator Post Delineator Post 2  Delineator Post 3

  • Available in 6 base options
  • Available in White, Red, Grey, Black,  Orange, Green, and Yellow color Options
  • Available in White, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Red color Options
  • Available in 36”, 42”, 48”, and Custom Heights

Guard Rail Delineators

Guardrail Mounted Reflective Marker Posts

Guardrail delineators are highly visible, reflective markers that are mounted directly on the guardrail post. These delineators are designed to provide uniform and consistent delineation of the guardrail and enhance visibility of the road both day and night.

Guard Rail Marker Guard Rail Marker 2  Guard Rail Marker 3

  • Available in White, or Yellow color options
  • Available in White, or Yellow, reflective color options
  • Available only in 35” Height

Tuff Curb

Tuff Curb is a durable, high performance traffic separator curb.  Integral coloration makes Tuff Curb highly visible and resistant to UV damage and fading. In addition, enhanced profile dimensional properties and reflectors provide maximum visibility and traffic separation both day and night. Tuff Curb’s safety and durability has been tested by Texas Transportation Institute to 2009 MASH standards and is also federally approved.

Tuff Curb Tuff Curb 2  Tuff Curb 3

  • Available in White, Red, Green and Yellow color options
  • Available in White, Yellow and Red Reflective color options

Tuff Curb XLP

Low Profile Traffic Posts Separator Curb

Tuff Curb XLP was designed to withstand the effects of high speed, high impact applications and is compatible with our full line of traffic posts and panels. XLP’s durable low profile design (8”W x 2”H x 40”L) was made to withstand 20,000 lbs. of static force from a single wheel, and has been tested by the Texas Transportation Institute to 2009 MASH standards. XLP’s bright solid coloring and glass-element technology reflectors supply maximum visibility both day and night.

Tuff Curb XLP Tuff Curb XLP 2 Tuff Curb XLP 3

  • Available in White, Green, and Yellow
  • Available in White, Yellow, and Red reflective colors