Camera Trailers, also referred to as Portable Equipment Platforms (PEP), are environmentally friendly platforms that work great for monitoring work zones, off-grid security monitoring, laydown area surveillance, and other Intelligent Transportation Systems tasks.

All Camera Trailers are battery powered, capable of autonomous operation for significant periods of time, and are powered by the very latest in innovative solar technology. These trailers can be specially equipped to include the following:

  • GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) for asset tracking/security and fleet management
  • Built-in on-board charger
  • Weather-tight control cabinet housing all vital components
  • Four telescopic jacks to level the trailer for added stability
  • Telescopic mast extending to 10-40 feet high
  • PTZ cameras for traffic monitoring, construction progress and roadside emergencies
  • Integration with DOT traffic cameras, sensors and loop detectors
  • Motion detection email alerts
  • Loud speaker communication to scare away intruders


NEW – Portable Solar Surveillance System

Street Smart is now offering purpose built, autonomous surveillance trailers. This system can detect, deter, and alert user’s to intruders with zero human action required. The unit comes equipped with a PTZ camera, two thermal imaging cameras, a large LED light, a loudspeaker, and a large solar array to keep things running for extended periods of time. Thanks to robust hardware and software, this system can help keep your assets safe from intrusion 24/7.

Versatile Imaging and Recording

  • Thermal imaging ensures accurate detection at all times of day and night
  • View and configure cameras in real time
  • Highly configurable camera behavior
  • Motion activated recording and alerts

Real-Time Remote Control

  • Real-time status alerts
  • Monitor battery voltage
  • Active GPS monitoring

View and Record

  • Monitor video feed in real-time through a web browser
  • Broadcast feed to an unlimited number of viewers with no degradation
  • Record time-lapse videos
  • Retrieve stored video footage remotely

Control and Manage Your Cameras Remotely

All of our cameras can be remotely monitored and configured through an easy to use web interface, so you can keep an eye on your work zone, assets, or whatever you want to monitor- from anywhere!


Traffic Monitoring

All Street Smart Rental products meet MUTCD requirements. Product specifications differ between all Street Smart Rental products. We offer a wide variety of products to meet all of your needs. For a list of Camera Trailer specifications, call Street Smart Rental today at 888-653-6800..