A Frame and Rail System


This unique I-beam design fits snugly into the designated slot in the A-Frame leg. There’s also a slot for 1″ x 8″ or 2″ x 8″ nominal lumber of various lengths. These A-Frames work with 4, 6, 8, and 12 foot Plastic-Rails. The reflective area of the rail is 8″ wide. The A-Frame leg also accepts Phoenix Plastic Rail.  A-Frame Legs are also stackable for easy transport and storage.  *Available as Type I or Type II barricade.

Type I and Type II Folding Barricade

type 1 barricade

35000 Series
The 35000 Series barricades, feature metal legs with High Impact (blow molded) panels. Now you can combine the strength of impact resistant plastic panels with traditional metal legs. These barricade components come together to form a more durable folding barricade.

NCHRP 350 accepted with standard or “D” cell barricade lights
Meets MUTCD standards
Panels are recessed to protect reflective sheeting
Panels are reinforced to increase stiffness and reduce bending or warping
Steel legs available in white Painted or Galvanized finish

Choose from the following components:
Top Panel: 8″ x 24″ or 12″ x 24″
Bottom Panel: 6″ x 24″ or 8″ x 24″
Leg Thickness: 14 gauge 

stack type 1 barricade

36000/37000 Series

TrafFix Devices offers two series of folding plastic barricades using durable blow molded plastic legs. The 36000 Series barricades feature Economy (injection molded) panels while the 37000 Series uses High Impact (blow molded) panels. Because the Plastic Folding Barricade is assembled with individual components, you can select any combination of top and bottom panels as listed above.

*Optional sand filled bottom panel available.
*Available in Engineer Grade, High Performance Grade, or Diamond Grade, Reflective Sheeting

Type III Barricades


Economy Type III
Economy Type III Barricade with Phoenix plastic rails, provides low cost Type III solution with rolled steel uprights and feet. Choose the Phoenix Rails in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths. Economy Type III Barricade can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes by a single person.

Breakaway Type III
These Type III Barricades utilize the all-plastic Phoenix Rail and uses uni-strut Telespar tubing with breakaway base, bracket and detachable feet. The Breakaway Type III Base yields to impacting vehicles. Easily detachable feet allow for efficient transportation, assembly, and storage.

Phoenix Type III
Features: NCHRP 350 accepted with (2) standard barricade lights or (2) small LED-B lights Comes complete with (2) 40 lb. recycled rubber and steel bases Available with (2) 72″ steel or plastic predrilled uprights Plastic Phoenix rail barricade panels available in 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths Available with Engineer Grade, High Intensity or Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting Quick release pin for easy removal of barricade uprights from base Lightweight – easy one-worker setup and breakdown Bases nest together when stacked for easy storage and transport

Longitudinal Barriers


ADA Wall

The ADA Wall creates a continuous hand guided safe passage through workzones and is made of UV stabilized, high density polyethylene. The linkable ADA Walls quickly and easily link together in 6 foot sections to allow the contractor flexibility in creating a safe pedestrian pathway.

Weighing only 23 lbs., the durable double walled, non-flexible, lightweight design makes the ADA Wall easy to lift on and off the truck and easy to connect. The ten molded-in vertical windows reduce wind load, add strength and stability, and reduce overall weight of the ADA Wall. They also allow a guide dog to see what is on the other side of the wall. Two recessed areas measuring 8″ wide x 53″ long on each side of the ADA Wall accommodate reflective sheeting.

ada wall orange and white
ada wall triangle
ada wall with light

Metro Wall

– Available in Orange or White sections (custom colors available on request)

– Ideal for crowd control and pedestrian barriers

– Durable Polyethylene Plastic minimizes cracking and breaking

– Will accept Plastic or Chain-Link Fence (with Extended Connector Pins) Includes One (1) Steel Connection Pin that allows sections to be locked together

metro walllrg_metro-wall2

Premier Panel

orange premier panel
premier panel words
premier panel

***A wide variety of messages and legends can be printed on one or two sides of the Vertical Panels. Engineer, High Performance or Diamond Grade reflective sheeting is available for all of our Vertical Panels. Vertical Panels are ideal for parking lots, schools, churches, or in-plant applications. ***

Premier Panel is an all plastic and rubber vertical panel barricade that is designed to take repeated impacts with little or no damage to the panel or to the impacting vehicle. Premier Vertical Panel is designed with a convenient handle which allows for easy movement. The Premier Panel accepts all standard and “D” cell Barricade Lights.

Step-n-Lock Panel

step n lock vertical panelsstep n lock vertical panel
Step-n-Lock Panel has six locking buttons are molded into the panel and correspond to six matching recesses molded in the base. Simply step down on the foot hole to lock the panel in place. The Step-n-Lock design ensures the panel will remain vertically locked in place and “square to traffic.” Panel sizes, messages and legends can be intermixed with either the 28 or 43 lb. base.