Barricade Lights

The Model 400

Barricade Light is available in flashing and steady burn 6 or 12 Volt with or without photo electric switch. The lens are made from durable polycarbonate.

model 400


Y2K Barricade Light

The Y2K LED Barricade Light operates on 4 “D” Cell Batteries and will last 4-5 times longer than traditional 6V lantern style lights 


The Econo-Light is the cost-effective solution in barricade lights. It’s available in both 6 and 12 Volts, with or without photo cell and flashing or steady burn circuits.

econo lite

model 7800

Strobe Light Model 7800

The Model 7800 Strobe Light has a lens height of 51/2′ and can be pipe, permanent or magnetically mounted. It’s 12 Volt power produces 100 candela of light.

Model 212

The NEW LED B-Light utilizes (2) 6 Volt batteries. It exceeds type “B” light specifications. Approximate running time is 24 days with Rayovac HD batteries. The LED B-Light is great for school and construction zones.

Type D

***The above barricade lights are available in Half Moon or Pyramid head bolt***

***Models 400 and 100 barricade lights are now available with LED Circuits, increasing battery life 4 to 5 times compared to standard incandescent bulbs***