Street Smart offers versatile signal style flaggers to help you handle single lane closures and more! Unlike a traditional flagger, Our units are capable of both manual and automatic operation, so they’re well suited to any job.

Signal Flagger vs. Traditional AFAD

  • Signal flaggers can be operated autonomously via radio or be controlled manually via handheld remote
  • A traditional Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFAD) system requires an operator to present at all times during use
  • Signal flaggers can handle single lane closures, or can be combined with other signal systems to service side roads, driveways, local businesses, and more
  • AFADs are restricted to single lane closure scenarios only
  • Signal flaggers offered by Street Smart meet the federal NCHRP 350 crashworthy performance criteria.

sq2 as an afad

Trailer-Mounted Units

  • The system is permanently mounted on a two-wheel trailer for easy transport and quick application.
  • The system is battery activated and replenished during the workday with solar panels that are adjustable for optimum sunlight exposure.

All Street Smart Rental products meet MUTCD requirements. Product specifications differ between all Street Smart Rental products. We offer a wide variety of products to meet all of your needs. For a list of signal flagger specifications, call Street Smart Rental today at 888-653-6800.