We offer LED signs with full color and video capability for all your advertising needs. These signs are perfect to use at city or county events like fairs, sporting events, weddings and business parties. When using advertising trailers you can be sure you will do three things:

  • Increase attendance at your next event. Advertising to the new generation of consumers is difficult. Why not try something new that is sure to grab their attention?
  • Inform your attendees. Do you have multiple things going on at your event? (e.g. 9 am – hay rides, 1 pm – concert, etc.) Why not use a digital sign to inform your attendees about what is going on during the day?
  • Impress your sponsors. Why not give your sponsors something different this year? Instead of using a dull static sign to display their name, give them the ability to run a mini-commercial during your event.

What People are Saying

Dear Street Smart, The Hugo Lions would like to thank you for the use of your two-colored advertising signs to promote the Culpepper & Merriwether Circus. Our results speak for themselves. The pre-sale ticket sales were up 30%, sales on the day of the event were up 35%. Ticket outlet people say that we must have hit the advertising hard, and the only thing we did different this year was use the Street Smart advertising trailers. Thank you!
Peder Pederson, Hugo Lions Club, Event Chair