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Horizon Signal Portable Traffic Signals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I program a set of SQ3 signals?

Basic programming manuals for units with 1.0 and 2.0 controllers can be found in the MANUALS section below. Please contact Street Smart support by phone for a more detailed assistance on programming signals for your specific project.

How far apart can these signals be and still communicate by radio?

All Horizon signals are designed to communicate by radio at a distance of up to 1 mile with a clear line of sight.

How do I use radar/doppler?

Doppler radars are designed to be “plug and play.” Dopplers are mounted to a bracket fixed to the bottom of the lower signal head and plugged into the black plug on the white junction box located on the signal mast near the lower signal head. To utilize a doppler for green extension time all you need to do is mount the doppler and while programming create a green time as well as an extension time and the doppler will automatically use that extension while detecting traffic. The dopplers can also be used to activate a green cycle when traffic is detected. To do this you’ll need to program the signals to “rest in red YES.” With rest in red activated, the signals will stay red until a doppler detects a vehicle and then cycle to green.

How long do the batteries last?

Horizon SQ3 portable traffic signals are designed to run autonomously year round if the solar panels are fully expanded, free of any sun obstructions, tilted to face due south, and kept clean. If you are having low battery issues with a unit contact Street Smart Support for additional assistance.


SQ2 1.0 User Manual

SQ2 with Multi-Signal 2.0 User Manual

SQ2 User Manual 2.0

SQ3TS User Manual 2.0

Horizon Signal SQ3TS – Operation Manual v01.14

Horizon 1.0 Basic Programming

Horizon 2.0 Basic Programming

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