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Message Board Tutorial: Editing Message + Viewing Device Status Remotely in JamLogic

JamLogic Overview

Once equipped with a cellular modem, you can perform several tasks remotely using JamLogic.

Editing Message & Viewing Device Status Remotely

Key Chapters:

0:32 Logging Into JamLogic
3:25 View Current Status of Message Board and Battery Levels
8:08 Editing a Message on a 3-Line Board
11:06 Display a “Blank” Message
11:22 Accessing Your Saved Message Library
12:01 Editing a Full-Matrix Message Board

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play a message on a unit with a touchscreen controller?

  1. Ensure the unit is powered up via the toggle switch to the right of the touchscreen (if applicable)
  2. Tap the screen to wake
  3. Tap on ‘Admin’ to log in
  4. Enter the admin password – Contact Street Smart Support if you don’t have this
  5. Tap Edit Msg along the left hand side to bring up the message editor
  6. Type in the message you want to play using the keyboard at the bottom. To add another page tap the page + button at the top left.
  7. Once you have what you want, tap the Play button on the left hand side
  8. Double tap the message you want to play
  9. Verify the message is showing up on the sign display

How do I play a message on a unit with a quickstep handheld controller?

  1. Ensure the unit is powered up via the toggle switch
  2. Press the enter key (orange key on bottom right)
  3. Type in password – Contact Street Smart Support if you don’t have this
  4. Press F1 – Quick Program
  5. Type in message and press the down arrow to get to the next line.
  6. To go to the next page put the cursor on line 3 and press the down arrow again.
  7. If too many pages exist, go to the undesired page and press the FN key then the 2 key, this will delete the page.
  8. Once the messages and pages are correct then press the F1 – Run button.
  9. Make sure the message is playing on the screen.

Why is my unit dying?

Panels may be dirty. If equipped with a tilt and rotate, make sure panels are at a 45-degree angle and facing south. Not enough sun in planned location. If you suspect a wiring issue, please contact tech support for assistance.

How do I deploy this unit properly and take down?

Before deploying unit to your job site, play a two page message to ensure you have the proper voltage and communication. Tow unit to job site or drop and place from a flat bed. After unhooking from the truck, extend all four jacks so the tires are just off the ground or just touching the ground surface. Next, edit and play the message and raise the board to desired height, setting pin when applicable. The unit should face traffic well as the LED’s can be very angle specific. Lock the message board into desired location with the case brake.

Can I change the message remotely?

Yes, remote programming can be done on any unit equipped with a cellular modem. If you need access to a unit you’re renting, please call Street Smart Rental support.

What does my error mean? How do I fix this?

Pixel error is the most common critical error Street Smart will see. This means there is a loss in communication; NOT that the board’s LED’s are out. Can be fixed by checking data wires (typically black, similar to a phone cord). The other spots would be the communication card and the character cards (call support at 888.653.6800 x3 for help troubleshooting).

Photocell error is another common problem. This will play a message properly but not change the brightness from dawn to day to dusk and night. Pixel and photocell error together typically means bad comm card (call support).

Message error is typically caused by the touch screen being set to the wrong display size. Run a display detection to confirm and set the display to the correct matrix size (call support 888.653.6800 x3)

What does a pixel test tell me?

The pixel test will show all character cards that are receiving power. This will not let you know if communication is good.

What does a display detection tell me and how do I do one?

The display detection will tell you at first how the matrix size is set for the unit you are at. When pushing detect, this will tell you the amount of rows and columns seen by the touch screen and the amount of character cards seen.


Ver-Mac Message Board Operations, Safety and Maintenance Manual

Ver-Mac PCMS-1210 Quickstep Programming User Manual

Touchscreen Controller User Manual

JamLogic Mobile – User Manual

JamLogic Desktop – User Manual

Solar Regulator

G3 Operation Safety and Maintenance Manual

G3 – Explora – Touchscreen Manual

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