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Houston Radar Armadillo Tracker Installation Video
Armadillo Tracker Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days do I get with a full charge on the unit?

With a full charge, the unit will run for 14 days / 2 weeks.

How do I connect to the radar and retrieve the data?

The radar can be connected by USB or Bluetooth.

How do I know the tracker is operating and collecting the data?

For the next 5 minutes, the box will emit a short beep for every vehicle that it logs allowing you to verify that the Armadillo is properly detecting traffic.

How do I access the data?

You will need to download the StatsAnalyzer Software to your computer. *Please note, this is the only software the data will be accessible by*

Download Houston Radar Stats Analyzer Installer


Houston Radar Armadillo Tracker Quick Start Guide

Armadillo Tracker Classification Explained

Advanced Stats Analyzer User Manual

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